53. ETDS Logo

Welcome to 53rd ETDS Helper-Registration!

Dear volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our team and helping us organizing and carrying out this year's ETDS in Kaiserslautern.
We need every possible helping hand!

Before plunging right into registration, please note the following:

  • You can choose the kind and number of shifts by marking it/them with check marks - and of course, every shift taken is a big help for us!
  • The registration to the chosen shift/shifts is binding.
  • When choosing more than one shift, please check that they do not overlap.
  • Please note that the payments are given for a shift and not for an hour.
  • The payments will be in cash during the ongoing ETDS after attending your shift/shifts. Further details will be given at a later time. However you can then decide to support the ETDS by donating the money.
  • After informing us of the shifts you would like to attend, an e-mail will be sent in the following days for confirmation of your registration and your shifts.

Continue with registration...