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Welcome to Kaiserslautern!

A city with international flair in the centre of the Palatinate forest where soccer rules, science and research are valued and the 'Gartenschau' (horticultural show) flourishes anew every year.
Kaiserslautern lives from its diversity and offers a multitude of activities for young and old. City and nature, history and present, sports and recreation, and science and arts meet harmoniously and give numerous faces to the city. There is a lot to explore! A visit pays off even apart from the tournament weekend.

Welcome to The University of Kaiserslautern

Future-oriented courses of studies, practical education and a modern infrastructure are an appeal for students from all over Germany to complete their studies at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern since 1970. With its technical and scientific focus, the university is well established not only in Rhineland-Palatinate but also on a national scale. Practical internships, international experiences and close cooperation with renowned research institutes in immediate vicinity of the campus enable a successful start of an occupational career for students.
Not only does the university impress with its outstanding educational standard, but also offers a variety of free time activities. Concerts, theatre, expositions and festivities like the annual ball and the summer festival are only some examples for cultural events.
Also the sportive branch should not remain unmentioned. In the year of 2007 the sports department of the university was awarded the title "University of the Year" by the "ADH". Especially the successful development of inner structures and integration with the surrounding was emphasised.
The university board, the sports department and its trainers are looking forward to welcome the participants from all over Europe to the 53rd ETDS.